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ilaan Meetup

Blogger’s Meetup by ilaan.com – An Interactive Session with the Bloggers Community of Lahore

(Lahore – January 27, 2018) ilaan.com, on Saturday, organized a meetup for the most energetic sector of social media, i.e., ‘bloggers community’.

The event embraced real estate experts who shed light on the complexities involved in the real estate sector. Attended by a large number of bloggers, this event was arranged to spread information about the changes taking place in the real estate industry due to the transformations in this e-tail and retail era. The reason why bloggers were a part of this event is that they are an important source in spreading awareness to a large number of people through their blogs, strong networking


social influence.

The session lasted two hours where some of the top real estate experts and the core members of ilaan.com discussed different topics including why it is becoming more important than ever for realtors to use the digital age in their good faith.

Mr. Hassan Sales Manager ilaan.com said, “It is the need of the hour to use the online property portals to reach a large number of customers. The way we used to live our lives has changed and it is important to mold the ways of performing business activities to meet the requirements of this current era. He further said, “Today, people don’t have time to look at newspapers and visit the websites to buy a property and they find it convenient to browse the internet. If we don’t catch up to such channels of advertising property listings, we will be left far behind others.”

Earlier this month, ilaan.com also arranged an Open House Session solely for the real estate agents of Lahore to introduce them to the property portal and how they can use it to reach maximum customers. Those who don’t know, ilaan.com is a premium property portal that is changing the conventional ways of promoting property listings online. Having an experienced team of professionals, they know how to provide maximum projection to all the listings. Currently, there is a large database of properties available at ilaan.com with more adding up on a daily basis.

The Bloggers’ Meetup was very productive in terms of knowledge and meeting


creative group of people to exchange knowledge. Moreover, this was not a one-time-only session but more like these are lined up in future as well. The event was followed by refreshments that allowed people to interact with each other and share some light moments.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Electronic Cash Registers

Advantages & Disadvantages of Electronic Cash Registers

Businesses use electronic money registers to process and record sales transactions. Counting on the standard of the model you choose, your business will typically use a cash register for ten years or more before you’ve got to buy a brand new one. Whereas there are benefits and drawbacks to using electronic cash registers, even more, cost-effective models are equipped to fulfill the basic needs of a small business.

Purchasing an Electronic cash register:

For small businesses simply getting underway, the purchase of a standard electronic cash register is commonly a more cost-effective investment than a point-of-sale system. even though you begin out with a low-cost model, you’ll always upgrade to a lot of superior equipment later as your business grows. If you’re buying an electronic register for the first time, ensure it has the memory capacity to fulfill your business needs. Higher-end models of cash registers offer advanced functions provide features that leave more advanced record keeping and storing a lot of information.


Electronic cash registers provide businesses various advantages as well as tracking customer transactions and rushing check out. Most models are simple to use however provide correct record keeping. Basic models include the keyboard, display, and printer. Even affordable cash registers embody functions to record sales; calculate change, offer price lookups and print customer receipts. Generally, electronic money registers include software within the basic price that enables you to charge the proper sales tax, run reports and determine sales by employee. those who offer a lot of advanced options typically need you to buy a separate software program depending on what kind of records your business keeps. Security is another advantage. The money drawer on an electronic cash register mechanically locks, permitting only approved users to log in with a password.


Although electronic cash registers are comparatively simple to use, they need some practice to operate. Models vary; therefore training on a brand new register is usually necessary even though you’ve got experience working with cash registers. The directions for operating a register will differ counting on the model you get and the types of entries you’ll make on the machine. money registers also dissent in mechanical features like the number of keys and sort of built-in printer. Another downside related to electronic cash registers is that you simply will lose data if the machine malfunctions or loss work productivity during power outages.

POS Systems:

As compared to the price of a typical electronic cash register, a point-of-sale system is far more pricey but could be worth the investment if you find a system tailored to fulfill the needs of your business. Retail POS systems are designed for small and large businesses that operate in numerous types of industries. the price of a POS system includes the price of the software license for every user in addition to the expense of a POS terminal, money drawer, scanner, card reader, and printer for each workstation you came upon. Add to that the optional price of extended warranties, which may be a worthy expense for protecting your investment. Despite the value, if your business is growing, a POS system will help improve productivity, thereby increasing your profit.

Advantages of Online Shopping and its Disadvantages

Advantages of Online Shopping and its Disadvantages

Online shopping has become a well-liked shopping methodology ever since the web has declared a takeover. There are several people that are probing for different superb alternatives shopping and online shopping is simply the fix for that.

There are several benefits of online shopping; this is the reason why online stores are a booming business these days. Online shopping includes shopping for garments, gadgets, shoes, appliances, or maybe daily groceries. Listed below are many online shopping benefits and these are the following.

Advantages of online shopping:

  • Save Time – do you have the precise list that you wish to buy? With just a few of clicks of the mouse, you’ll purchase your shopping orders and instantly move to different necessary things, which might save time.
  • Save Fuel – The market of fuel industries battles from increasing and decreasing its price every now and again, however in spite of how much the price of fuel it doesn’t have an effect on your shopping errands. One among the benefits of shopping online is that there’s no need for vehicles, therefore no purchase of fuel necessary.
  • Save Energy – Admit it, it’s irksome to buy from one location and transfer to a different location. what’s worse is that there are no obtainable stocks for the merchandise you want to shop for. In online shopping, you ought not to waste your precious energy once buying.
  • Comparison of prices – The advanced innovation of search engine permits you to simply check prices and compare with just a couple of clicks. It’s very easy to conduct price comparisons from one online shopping web site to another. This offers you the freedom to see which online store offers the foremost reasonable item you’re about to purchase.
  • 24/7 accessibility – online shopping stores are open around the clock of 24/7, seven days per week and 12 months. It’s very rare to seek out any standard retail stores that are open 24/7. The availability of online stores offers you the freedom to buy at your own pace and convenience.
  • Hate Waiting in Lines – once shopping for things online, there are no long lines you have got to endure, just to shop for your merchandise. The concept of shopping online is lowering those bad habits of standing in a very long line and simply waiting. Each online store is intended with unique individual ordering options to buy the item.
  • Too embarrassed to buy – There are times that you need to buy one thing out of the ordinary that may be a bit embarrassing once seen by others. Things like weird ornaments, attractive underclothing, etc. In online shopping, not got to be ashamed; your online transactions are basically done in private.
  • simple to search Merchandise you want to buy – you’re ready to explore for specific merchandise that has model variety, style, size, and color that you need to buy. In addition, it’s easy to see whether the product is accessible or out of stock.

Disadvantages of online shopping

If there are benefits, possibly there’ll be drawbacks. No doubt there are various advantages of online shopping, but still, there are some disadvantages that most folks complain about. These include:

  • Personally, Check the Item – If you’re one among those shoppers who need to touch, see, and check the product personally, at online shopping, you’re unable to do so. Online stores just only show the product descriptions and photos of the actual products, which might be a drawback for several online shoppers.
  • Diminished Instant Satisfaction – in contrast to buying at retail stores, you’re ready to use the product instantly when you purchase it, which might be satisfying. However, online searching needs the patience to wait for the item to attain your door step about two to three days or perhaps longer depending on the location you’ve ordered it from.

Online shopping is endlessly turning into more widespread and improving each single day. Knowing the benefits of online searching and its disadvantages is extra knowledge for plenty of online shoppers that are helpful before shopping online

Leather VS Fabric Wallets

Leather VS Fabric Wallets

Leather lovers might scorn at the question however since the fabric is drawing attention within the fashion world, you’ll additionally do some analysis on which is best. Leather has been used for hundreds of years and any leather is good, despite its size it never fails to inspire. Fabric wallets are available in the market in many colors, design patterns, and prints. They’re unique and distinctive in their own approach and gaining appreciation from users. Which might be your choice – a leather or fabric wallet? Here are some factors to think about.


Keeping in mind that wallets are drawn and put in many times daily, the endurance and durability should be your top most priority. Leather gains the lead where durability is concerned. Leather wallets are a lot of resistant. Rain or shine, leather wallets will face up to the changes and last for years. They’re waterproof also.


Leather wallets provide flexibility and space to hold a lot of cards. Though the material is hard, it permits you to stuff a few more items because it stretches to accommodate. Even though handled roughly, it retains its shape for an extended period than a cloth wallet.


While the sturdiness of a leather wallet could be a sensible reason to acquire it, its style makes you overlook the amount you need to pay thereon. Wallets are loved not just for their durability however conjointly for the style statement they make. A wallet could be a representation of your style and status. Whether or not in natural colors or dyed, leather spells quality and magnificence. You will wish to envision out the range at real men’s wallets for a few timeless pieces.


Fabric wallets win simply here though leather wallets aren’t to be under rated. Leather wallets aren’t simply in black and brown as most of the people believe; they do come in several different colors. However, fabric wallets are obtainable in a very beautiful range of colors.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of leather Wallets

Both leather and fabric wallets have their own benefits and drawbacks. You will weigh them up before you make your decision.

Advantages of leather Wallets

Leather wallets are the reflection of your status due to their superior quality and finish. Being immune to stains adds worth to leather wallets. They become softer with age and so become additional attractive over years. Status conscious men carry leather wallets and wouldn’t be seen dead with a Velcro nylon wallet.

Disadvantages of leather Wallets

The cost of leather is on the upper side, which for many may be a disadvantage. Though the lifetime of leather is longer, those that are additional concerned about the price might not choose leather wallets.

If you’re a surroundings enthusiast, you’ll not love the fact that leather isn’t quickly perishable. Mind you unless your wallet is created from cotton or linen it’s going to take longer than a leather wallet to biodegrade.

Advantages and drawbacks of fabric Wallets

Fabric wallets are gaining importance currently. However, fabric wallets don’t relish the status-association that leather wallets have. Fabric wallets are however most well-liked by some guys. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of fabric wallets.

Advantages of fabric Wallets

Fabric wallets provide variety and individuality and thus they’re most well-liked by many people. Fabric wallets are available in a large range of colors and awesome styles. Some of the materials utilized in the making of wallets include cotton, canvas, and linen. Their quality allows the creation of brand logo prints and therefore they remain distinctive and unique. Fabric wallets are extremely flexible and that they are lightweight too.

Disadvantages of fabric Wallets

Fabric wallets aren’t durable. They do not remain fine for long. They’re neither waterproof nor stain proof unless treated accordingly. Hence, fabric wallets lose their charm soon. The biggest disadvantage is from the status conscious people. These people don’t buy these wallets as they prefer using the leather wallets as the symbol of their status.

We also recommend using the leather wallets because of their durability, if you afford them easily. The leather wallets at shopi.pk are genuine and made from high-quality animal skin. Also, their prices are also quite affordable as compared to any other retail store.

How to Find Best Online Bargains

How to Find Best Online Bargains

Online shopping is mostly cheaper than shopping on the local market, as shopping websites don’t include as many overheads as local street stores. However, it’s possible to find out even lower prices with a few simple tricks.

You’ll need:

A Pc with an internet connection

A debit or credit card if you decide to make purchases

This guide is based on a PC running Windows operating system and the browser Internet Explorer 8. The steps in this process are very similar for Mac users also or if you’re using a different browser, such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari etc.

Follow these multi-step instructions to find best online bargains

Price comparison websites

If you know well about which product you’re looking for, the price comparison websites are the best way of finding the exact website that’s selling that item at the cheapest prices. Sites such as Money Expert and Kelkoo search the internet for the best deals and then list them for you. To check for such sites, all you need to do is just type in the name of the desired product you’re looking for and click the search glass.

Note: As the retailers can pay to get listed high among the price comparison sites, it’s advised to look at many other sites to find out the best deal.


The online shopping Websites often offer special discounts for a limited time, just as the traditional shops do to sell out their products. The difficult thing is to find out where these deals are offered. There are several websites that make the search process easier by listing all the common current discounts and deals available, including some non-web-based deals also, such as the restaurant vouchers.

You can join by signing up to different sites and enter your email address there to get a subscription to receive a weekly email newsletter. For more information, search the web for how to get the discount codes for making purchases on the well known online sites like shopi.pk.

Shopping websites

Various deals and bargains can be found by browsing well-known big shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay, and also the newly emerging e-commerce store like shopi.pk, The used items are more likely to be discounted and more uncommon items may be less famous and therefore cheaper accordingly. Each site has a special page given to the latest discounts on offer that consists of all the items and products that are available at discounts.

Group or Collective buying

Group buying, sometimes called the collective buying, works in a way that is a similar way to the usage of discount codes by the retailers. The collective buying websites offer the products and services at notably lower prices than any other sources. They usually offer a big deal of the day, which proceeds as a set number of orders become agreed. Then you are able to print off a discount voucher to claim your discount at the specified retailer.

In online buying, it is always recommended to make any purchase safely and confidentially. Beware of frauds and scams, and do not provide your personal details to anyone. Check out for the reviews about any site before making a purchase with it. Among the well-known online shopping stores, shopi.pk stands out as the best and the most trustable one. At shopi.pk, all the products are of good quality with the most competitive prices. Also, there are no hidden charges for product delivery or any other services. It is recommended to make purchases with shopi.pk to have a good online shopping experience.

Shopping Electronics Online

Buying electronics products online can be expensive, especially when you are going to buy high-end items like audio systems, microwave ovens, computers or LCD TVs. However, comparing the prices of these products can help you close your selection down and ease of making a decision to buy the more reasonably priced items. And the truth is that you’ll mostly find your greatest savings by shopping the electronics online rather than in the stores.

Advantages of Shopping Electronics Online:

You will be having a much wider selection options to choose from if you are to shop online instead of visiting store after store. This provides you the comfort of saving money on the specific item you need instead of buying anything cheap available in a local store. The other notable benefit of buying electronics online is that you can quickly compare prices among different stores without going out of your comfort zone at home. You will be enjoying your shopping experience in your home dress instead of dressing up and driving all across the town. Another plus point is that you don’t need to carry a huge box in your car or in a friend’s pickup. All you shop online is delivered at your doorstep.

Not only the ground shops offer some discount deals but the online shops also do. The online coupons give you awesome savings while you’re shopping for electronics. Many e-commerce stores offer special coupons that aren’t offered in the mail, mortar stores, or in the newspaper. Because these coupons are normally exclusive to internet shopping only, they are the best way to get extra savings on a big purchase. An online discount coupon for 10% off can save you a good deal if you’re buying an expensive item. And the other benefit is that you’ll save your time and money just because of not driving to the shops.

Tips for Online Electronics Shopping:

Spend your time to do price comparisons before making any purchase. Check out different sites that sell electronics and compare their prices, delivery, and payment procedures. Don’t forget to note the shipping costs especially when it is making a huge difference. If two web stores are offering the same audio system of the laptop at the same price, be sure to note the additional fees, including the warranty terms and shipping costs. Compare them too.

Look for online coupons for discounts. The internet is loaded with discount codes and special coupons you can use while paying for electronics at an online store. Try your best to get the discount using coupons and discount codes.

What we recommend:

An online store that sells products in time and at the best prices with free shipping is always preferred. There are several e-commerce stores that offer their products at discounts but what they keep hidden is the shipping costs. They claim free shipping but the shipping costs are included in the product prices. If you want to shop for electronics online, the best and the highly recommended online store is Shopi.pk. They are the trusted retailers and offer the best and unbeatable prices on all of the products. Also, their shipping is free all over the country without any hidden charges. Try them and do the comparison of their prices and you will find them the best.

Buy Online Lighters Price in Pakistan

Buy Online Lighters

Lighters are accessories that are made to produce a flame and ignite several things such as cigars and cigarettes. They are also used to burn incense sticks. The history of lighters is many years old. The first lighters were created and used at the beginning of the 19th century. They were the modified forms of flintlock pistols that used gunpowder for firing. Today there are various lighters that are available in the market as well as at the online stores.

The Zippo lighter is one of the most famous brands of lighters and is well-known as a windproof lighter, named after the unique design of the windshield and the fuel delivery rate. The best way to exterminate such types of lighter flames is by shutting the top cover.

In this case, the flame is not extinguished itself but due to the fuel supply being cut as this is the case with most lighters. Instead, these lighters are burned with a wick, and while there is no oxygen for it to flame up, it goes out, similar to a covered candle. These kinds of lighters are easily available in the market. Then online stores also have a wide range of such lighters.

Basically, the lighters are available at very low prices. However, fine premium lighters, from renowned brands (especially the special editions with elegant designs) can cost a lot, many times expensive that the regular lighters. And in that case, you can look for the better prices at various stores in the market. Shopping these elegant online is quite a good choice as these stores display a huge variety of lighters. And if these online stores offer free home delivery, then it sounds good to get a product at home with a few clicks.

Here you will be guided to Buy Lighters Online:

Buying lighters online offer several advantages over buying them at the regular stores. Though personal disposable lighters do not require a large investment, yet the price can be very important when buying refillable classic branded lighters.

Price Factor

Buying lighters online facilitate you to do a quick price comparison between them. As many retailers have their product price lists available online as well at their websites, it should be very easy to find the best deals for buying quality lighters at cheap prices

Besides of the low prices, buying lighters online is also convenient. Online stores have a wide range of several products available. If you don’t like any design, you can move to the next shop in just a few clicks and again explore several items there.

Free Delivery

If you buy branded lighters at some online shop that offers free delivery, you can easily obtain them at lower prices, lower even than the brand stores. The reason behind this is quite simple. The online shops get the products from warehouses in bulks, so they get at good prices. The other reason is that they don’t need to purchase or rent a shop in the market and pay various payables like taxes and bills. This is the reason that the prices of the lighters at good online stores are low as compared to the ground shops.

Avoid Scams:

As a result of not being physically present at the transaction, several customers face the risk of shops scamming them while buying lighters online. There are some points to note in order to avoid being cheated while shopping online.

There are two things to bear in mind.

The first one is either the shop accepts credit cards. Online stores selling cheap tax-free products accepting only the alternative payment methods such as Western Union, dollars or Bitcoins are most likely a scam.

Another thing is that you should check the reputation of the online store you are going to shop with. Check whether that online shop has social media presence. If yes, check the buyer reviews about them and the number of satisfied customers. These things verify how good or bad that online shop is.

Online Shopping In Pakistan

Online Shopping In Pakistan

Since the internet had declared a takeover, the online shopping trend has been increased regardless of what’s the region and what’s the country. Online shopping in Pakistan has become as trendy as it is in the rest of the world.

Today, most of the consumers do shopping online, sitting on the sofas while wearing shorts and enjoying their snacks. The online sales are rapidly increasing day by day because of its numerous advantages. It is very important to note out the psyche of an online shopper. What do they feel while shopping online? How they become attracted to the products? What matters for making purchases? It is sure of course that nobody empties his wallet on the spot without any specific reason. Shopping in shorts while lying on bed sounds good. Isn’t it? Of course, it is and if you get more while paying less, you feel yourself the luckiest person on the earth. This trend is spreading widely all over the world and especially in the Asian countries like Pakistan. It has been noticed that the trend of online shopping in Pakistan with free home delivery is increasing rapidly day by day with a noticeable competition between the sellers.

Now just “switch” yourself to the “smart thinking mode” and figure out why people prefer buying products online rather that wandering from shop to shop around the city. Let us tell you that the lower prices, smart deals, free delivery and new arrival are the things that urge you to shop online. Well, according to our observation and experience, the online shopping reasons are mentioned here:

Online Shopping In Pakistan

Shop right even at night:

What do you think of where you can do shopping from at late night while in your night suit? Isn’t it irritative to wander on the road in the dark? Shopping online give you the ease at any time while you are at home or at the office.  It saves your time and keeps you apart from the hustle and bustle of crowds.

Smart choices at better prices:

The prices are very reasonable. Most of the online stores offer cheap prices and exclusive discounts on most of their products. It is because they get products directly from the manufacturers without any merchant. So the cost of the product remains low and hence the price also remains low.

Choosing perfection from the wide collection:

Online shopping stores contain a huge variety of products that make you think what to buy, what to leave. You can purchase several products and brands at one place. Even when you need to purchase international brand products, you don’t need to spend money on traveling to their outlets. Make just a few clicks, and the product is at your doorstep.

Compare the price, once or twice:

Online stores showcase their products in a unique way. Most of them show their products by comparing their prices with their competitors. It provides you an ease of making purchases and saves you a lot of money.

No need to blush because of the rush:

If you are peace lover and you avoid the hustle of the crowds then online shopping is the best option for you. Often it happens that you get forced to do shopping because of the hustle of massive crowds. While you hurry for shopping, you make quick decisions and often you fail to get the exact thing you’ve decided while at home. Same is the condition of people in Pakistan. The massive swarms of people tend the consumer to do online shopping in Pakistan with home delivery of the purchased products.

These were the benefits of online shopping mentioned in line with most of the consumers who were fed up going from shop to shop to buy things. There are many other reasons to make online purchases but it varies from person to person. However, what most of the people shared with us, was mentioned above.