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Leather VS Fabric Wallets

Leather VS Fabric Wallets

Leather lovers might scorn at the question however since the fabric is drawing attention within the fashion world, you’ll additionally do some analysis on which is best. Leather has been used for hundreds of years and any leather is good, despite its size it never fails to inspire. Fabric wallets are available in the market in many colors, design patterns, and prints. They’re unique and distinctive in their own approach and gaining appreciation from users. Which might be your choice – a leather or fabric wallet? Here are some factors to think about.


Keeping in mind that wallets are drawn and put in many times daily, the endurance and durability should be your top most priority. Leather gains the lead where durability is concerned. Leather wallets are a lot of resistant. Rain or shine, leather wallets will face up to the changes and last for years. They’re waterproof also.


Leather wallets provide flexibility and space to hold a lot of cards. Though the material is hard, it permits you to stuff a few more items because it stretches to accommodate. Even though handled roughly, it retains its shape for an extended period than a cloth wallet.


While the sturdiness of a leather wallet could be a sensible reason to acquire it, its style makes you overlook the amount you need to pay thereon. Wallets are loved not just for their durability however conjointly for the style statement they make. A wallet could be a representation of your style and status. Whether or not in natural colors or dyed, leather spells quality and magnificence. You will wish to envision out the range at real men’s wallets for a few timeless pieces.


Fabric wallets win simply here though leather wallets aren’t to be under rated. Leather wallets aren’t simply in black and brown as most of the people believe; they do come in several different colors. However, fabric wallets are obtainable in a very beautiful range of colors.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of leather Wallets

Both leather and fabric wallets have their own benefits and drawbacks. You will weigh them up before you make your decision.

Advantages of leather Wallets

Leather wallets are the reflection of your status due to their superior quality and finish. Being immune to stains adds worth to leather wallets. They become softer with age and so become additional attractive over years. Status conscious men carry leather wallets and wouldn’t be seen dead with a Velcro nylon wallet.

Disadvantages of leather Wallets

The cost of leather is on the upper side, which for many may be a disadvantage. Though the lifetime of leather is longer, those that are additional concerned about the price might not choose leather wallets.

If you’re a surroundings enthusiast, you’ll not love the fact that leather isn’t quickly perishable. Mind you unless your wallet is created from cotton or linen it’s going to take longer than a leather wallet to biodegrade.

Advantages and drawbacks of fabric Wallets

Fabric wallets are gaining importance currently. However, fabric wallets don’t relish the status-association that leather wallets have. Fabric wallets are however most well-liked by some guys. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of fabric wallets.

Advantages of fabric Wallets

Fabric wallets provide variety and individuality and thus they’re most well-liked by many people. Fabric wallets are available in a large range of colors and awesome styles. Some of the materials utilized in the making of wallets include cotton, canvas, and linen. Their quality allows the creation of brand logo prints and therefore they remain distinctive and unique. Fabric wallets are extremely flexible and that they are lightweight too.

Disadvantages of fabric Wallets

Fabric wallets aren’t durable. They do not remain fine for long. They’re neither waterproof nor stain proof unless treated accordingly. Hence, fabric wallets lose their charm soon. The biggest disadvantage is from the status conscious people. These people don’t buy these wallets as they prefer using the leather wallets as the symbol of their status.

We also recommend using the leather wallets because of their durability, if you afford them easily. The leather wallets at shopi.pk are genuine and made from high-quality animal skin. Also, their prices are also quite affordable as compared to any other retail store.

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